Introducing Green Mountain Peace and Justice Party

Liberty Union, Vermont’s 51-year-old alternative party, established in 1970 in opposition to the Vietnam War, and in support of working people around the world, of all races, genders,and sexual orientations, is changing its name. On next year’s ballot Vermonters will see a new name – Green Mountain Peace and Justice Party – for a new day in Vermont .

The Party continues to place environmental protection at the forefront of its agenda, along with advocating for collectively owned and democratically run workplaces, an end to racism and any other forms of bigotry, an end to unfettered corporate greed and sees the freedom of all people to pursue their dreams as essential to the well being of society.

Green Mountain Peace and Justice Party will be organizing town committees and welcomes the support from people throughout the state who align with the platform, which can be read in its entirety at or, and begins with “Liberty Union is a non-violent socialist party…”

Society must move in the direction of assuring that the wealth and resources of the world will be used to provide a materially secure life for all people on the planet simultaneously preserving the planet and its resources for future generations.

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