Childcare and Education

Caring for children is important work that helps children grow into healthy, well adjusted people who can contribute to society.  Quality Childcare currently is unaffordable for many Vermont families and childcare workers are are often not paid enough to live. We can change this. Quality childcare is an essential expense that benefits the society as a whole and we need to invest in providing it for all children.  Government and employers need to work together to create quality childcare options that include having a parent stay at home with young children and well run child care centers that support people’s work schedules.  

I strongly support public education in which young people are exposed to wide range of ideas and an honest account of our history.  We also need to nurture critical thinking skills and help young people understand how they are influenced by the media they consume. Everyone needs access to education that will  allow them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to society according to their ability without being severely handicapped by debt.