Vermont Blueprint for Effective Government

I have some ideas about how to make life work better for all Vermonters, but I realize that people who have worked in specific fields, have experienced how the system works, or are engaging in advocacy work have more in depth knowledge to contribute. This knowledge is a critical resource and gathering these ideas together can form a basis for action in the state government, whether I am elected or not.

The central feature of my candidacy and how I would serve as governor is that I would seek out information and ideas from people who have the kind of knowledge that comes from lived experience and from those how have knowledge based on scientific research. Their knowledge would form the basis for building a workable plan for Vermont.  As a candidate I plan to engage in community forums with people who understand the problems we face and and gather their ideas into a Blueprint for Effective Government.

You can help us develop the blueprint by helping to locate venues for forums/listening sessions in your community and offering input about things you know about. Your voice matters.  Contact