Human Rights

Two guiding principles for Government:

Support Equal Rights for All.

In order to bring our standard up to equal rights for everyone, we need to offer extra support and protection to people who have been marginalized and/or attacked in the current system One important role of government is to protect everyone’s rights and promote equal rights for all. 

The only time personal freedom should be restricted by government is when a person is violating the rights or safety of others.

It may make sense to define here what a person is, A person is what a third grader draws when you ask them to draw a person: Head, hair, body, a being roughly defined by the boundaries of their skin. People should have ultimate control over their own bodies, including their reproductive systems.

Government should not set limits on personal expression. This includes how a person dresses, what they choose to be called, how they wear their hair, what words they use, who they marry or spend time with or what books they read. It should not try to control how many children people have or when they have them. These are basic freedoms and it seems like it should go without saying that government should not restrict them, but I am witnessing that states are trying to enforce limits on these things.