We need government for the people and for the common good. What we have now is government by, for, and of the corporations. We can change it.

Outlaw paid lobbying.  When something is in the public interest someone will think it is worth their time and effort to lobby for it.

Limit campaign spending to a low level and block corporate contributions. 

Stop relying on the private sector to do the work of the public sector.

Stop outsourcing state funded work to businesses owned in other states.

Stop catering to big business. For example, we could set limits on employers to improve the quality of life for employees and prevent people who are employed for 30 hours or more per week from needing public assistance. 

Increase communication between local people and their representatives through community forums that occur at least once a year in every community.

Support efforts to increase political engagement and voting for all people and avoid measures that may restrict access to voting.