Free Universal Health Care for all – NOT Insurance

It angers me when i hear the debate about healthcare for all re-framed as insurance. The insurance industry in the US is a parasitic entity that thrives off the misery of people struggling to pay overpriced policies. The ACA has some worthwhile gains – like an end to the exclusion of people with pre-existing conditions and the allowance for kids to be on parents plans til age 26, however these gains are just a small balance for the great gains the insurance industry gains from a broader customer base. From the beginning the ACA was a sweetheart deal for the insurance industries.

We need healthcare for all paid for by progressive taxation of the most wealthy individuals and groups. We do not need to continue an industry that was built by the destruction of mutual aid societies. What we need is for the people to be freed of the burden of worrying if a health emergency will be paid for or if it will cost them their homes and security or worse – will not be cared for.

(Marina Brown – Personal opionion)

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