Vermont Liberty Union/Progressives Win in Moretown

Just wanted to let folks know that on Town Meeting Day I won my second election to the Moretown Select Board (this is a one year seat). During the campaign I worked very hard to let people know I stand for the interests of working Vermonters and not wealthy flatlanders.
The final vote was:

Dave Van Deusen: 278

Rob Roberts: 243

Reed Korrow: 189

Again, I would like to thank the Vermont Liberty Union/Socialist Party for endorsing me. (Note: I was also backed by the Vermont Progressive Party and the VT AFL-CIO).
In the coming year I pleadge to again fight for a “livable wage” purchase policy (I was able to win such wages for town employees in 2009), a community healthcare fund, and tax cuts for working people. I will also exercise common sence concerning the day to day operations of the town, and will seek ways to expand our participatory democracy.
Thank you all for your support.

In Solidarity,

Dave Van Deusen,

Selectman, Moretown, Vermont

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