Write a letter to the editor and mobilize Liberty Union voters!

Dear supporters,

Please consider submitting a letter to the editor to help Liberty Union get out the vote for our primary on August 26th. Remember, just like the general election, this is an opportunity to vote for socialism! As a local resident, submitting a letter yourself is more likely to get picked up by the editors than our press releases that go to every paper in the state.


Also, don’t forget about political email lists, and community email lists like Front Porch Forum!

Below is a sample letter that you can use as a template. Feel free to add your own words or mention local LUP candidates.

And please don’t forget to let us know you’ve submitted a letter. Then let us know again if your letter is printed!


I will be asking for a Liberty Union Party ballot in the Vermont primary elections being held August 26th and would like to urge my neighbors to do the same. There are no contested nominations in the Liberty Union Party, but I believe it is important to vote to show support for the ideas and major party status of Liberty Union.
The Democrats and Republicans operate by connecting rich people to the candidates that wish to serve them long before the voters have a say. For the average person, being a Democrat or Republican is like being a sports fan. You may support the team, but the coach and manager are not asking for your advice. Liberty Union is a democratic organization. Our members set our policies and our candidates respect their decisions.
Liberty Union is informed by the socialist tradition which includes great thinkers from around the world for over 150 years. These international and historic roots give Liberty Union a well-informed and time-tested political perspective. Liberty Union is proud to be an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist political party that advocates freedom and equality, as well as democracy in our communities and workplaces.
Working and oppressed people are organizing across Vermont to defend themselves, others, and the planet. Liberty Union seeks to educate people about the issues and encourage involvement in struggles such as peace, immigrant rights, universal health care, environmental stewardship, and social and economic justice. Real solutions come from the people, not politicians. Too often movements collapse between crises, or become completely absorbed by narrow demands. That’s why it’s important to build Liberty Union and unite the people in one common struggle.
The protest vote is the only vote that counts. Choosing between different evils still puts us on the path to evil. Don’t consent! Our protests in the streets have power when we also cast our votes against incumbents. We are fortunate in Vermont to have ballot access and the right to vote. Every election, including primaries, is an opportunity to declare your independence from the parties of war and capitalism. Every election is a chance to vote for socialism, inspire hope for working and oppressed people, and offer a peaceful transfer of power away from those who exploit and oppress us.
Please remember to ask for a Liberty Union Party ballot on August 26th!


Liberty Union Party member opinion

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