Solidarity with Protestors in Ferguson and Gaza

Solidarity with Protestors in Ferguson and Gaza

Candidate for VT Lt. Governor – Solidarity with Protestors in Ferguson and Gaza
Charleston, Vermont
August 18, 2014

Marina Brown – Candidate for VT Lt. Governor expresses her solidarity with
protestors in Ferguson Mo and in Gaza facing the boot of police and millitary
oppression. I solute the bravery of Americans who are for the first time in
many years truly fighting back against their own oppressive government.

I condemn the attempts to coopt the protests in Ferguson by the Missouri State
police. Changing police departments does not change the fact that police of all
stripes are implementing the oppression of black, minority and poor working
people through the very laws they enforce. Their job is not to serve and protect
the people but to enforce the brutal rule of the corporate oligarchy.

I am very encouraged at the mutual solidarity shown by Gazans who are victims of
imperialist oppression with oppressed peoples in the United states. This mutual
solidarity is a powerful tool to help end international rule by imperialist
countries and their corporate bosses.

It is time that the world be run for the benefit of all rather than for the
benefit of the few who profit from imperialism, the prison industrial complex
and ownership of the world.


Marina Brown is a long time activist who has been involved in left wing
politics since the 1980’s. She has been active with the Vermont Liberty
Union Party since 1987 when she helped get Herb Lewin in the presidential
primaries. She has worked as a labor activist, housing activist and occupier.
She likes to make the job of NSA spies harder by teaching encryption to anyone
who asks. Marina struggles with poor health but when she wins out against
health issues she likes to run or walk ultramarathon distances.

Marina Brown

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