Matthew Andrews is endorsed by labor union (WIIU)

I am proud to announce that my candidacy for Congress has been endorsed by the Workers International Industrial Union. The WIIU carries the torch for the best traditions of the US labor movement. They have a sober understanding of the irreconcilable conflict between the working class and the robber class that defines capitalism. Every day we yield our best to an employer, and only receive a portion of what we produce in return. We do not enjoy democratic rights at work nor are we given any governing power over the institutions we serve. This economic tyranny causes suffering for the vast majority of people, communities, and the planet.

A world of peace and plenty for all is within our grasp. We are surrounded by unimaginable wealth yet are unable to rationally distribute it. Our brains and muscle are essential to all economic activity and thus we must lead the struggle to transform it. Industrial democracy holds the solution to the problems of equitable distribution, to make sure that advances in technology accrue to everyone, knocking hours out of the workweek rather than workers out of the work force. We will still need to focus on increasing efficiency and adaptingproduction to appropriate, sustainable technologies that won’t harm the environment, but with profit out of the equation, these become mere engineering problems. The remaining tasks are principally those of educating, organizing, and building consciousness.

I share the urgent priorities of the WIIU to unite working people regardless of age, race, language, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or nationality into one great labor union as well as the Liberty Union Party. Organizing under these structures is the only way we will gain the power we need to transform government, our workplaces, and the economy to serve human needs rather than accumulation. This mission will not be achieved by an elite working on behalf of working people. It is everyone’s responsibility to learn and participate.

I am particularly inspired by these immediate demands which the WIIU advocates. If elected, these are policies I would work to advance in Congress.

* No more involuntary unemployment. Everyone who wants a job should have one. There are plenty of needs in society that go unaddressed which would provide employment for all able bodied working people.

* A complete repeal of all anti-union legislation. All workers should be guaranteed the right to organize free from threats or interference from employers.

* Replace the minimum wage with a living wage. Compensate workers at a level which will guarantee that they can both provide for their families and also enjoy the things which make for a full and fulfilling life.

You can visit the WIIU website at

Matthew Andrews will be on the ballot of the Liberty Union Party primary in Vermont on August 26th. Liberty Union is encouraging all voters to participate in our primary and peacefully register your support for socialism, and an independent political party for working people.

Matthew Andrews

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