We gotta get rid of the fracking liars who are killing us and the earth Herself!


For TRUTH about gas-well fracking, see the documentary Gasland II at the
link below. We gotta vote out of office all capitalists – Reps and Dems –
get rid of the bums! They betray the people and the earth right and left
for the sake of fracking money! Republicans and Democrats are equally
guilty and need to be removed from office now if we are to have any chance
at all to create a future for life on planet earth…

Fracking increases Global Warming! Fracking adds carbon to the atmosphere!
Fracking creates greenhouse gases!

Fracking is known by gas companies and drilling companies to pollute the
air, the earth, and our water with toxins which cause illness, undue harm
and sometimes death to humans as well as other living creatures. Yet, in
spite of this scientific knowledge, the people addicted to making money –
in the corporate world and in the world of government – insist on repeating
the lies that promote fracking as a safe technique for continuing to ravage
the earth. These people are liars and are guilty of crimes against
humanity in their pursuit of ungodly wealth. This documentary dramatically
illustrates the TRUTH of the bullying tactics of
“corporate-greed-meets-government-greed”, while underlining our need – the
People’s need – to withdraw our use of and investment in fossil fuels as
well as in any politician who advocates capitalism. Capitalism can be seen
as the seed that blossomed into this addiction to money and fossil fuels.

Watch Gasland II and see what YOU THINK… invite friends, family,
neighbors to watch and strategize … plan for making the transition to a
life-affirming and sustainable way of living where you are now …
and please, post the link on your Facebook page and send it to all you know
and don’t know. Spread the Word: we may still have time to redeem the
future for our children and grandchildren.


in hopes for a future of our own design,
Lynn Russell
Liberty Union candidate for Assistant Judge
Windham County

Liberty Union Party member opinion, Lynn Russell

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