L.U.P. Colors

The LUP – Liberty Union Party – was formed in 1970 at the home of former Congressperson, William H. Meyer and his spouse, Bertha, in West Rupert, VT.

LUP is four colored: red, green, black, and white.

White for the rejection of violence as a tool of government policy. We urge the end of “. . . research, production, testing of, and deployment of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons including uranium ammunition . . . We must reject the claim . . . That ‘we must kill them before they can kill us.’ We must refuse to burn and kill no matter who ‘orders’ us to.”

Black for anarchism. LUP supports unabridged freedoms of expression and privacy including the unfettered right to abort pregnancies safely and at taxpayers’ expense.

Green for environmentalism. LUP opposed the construction of VT Yankee, and later urged the decommissioning of all nuclear power plants at investors’ expense. LUP urges, “. . . preserving the planet and its resources for future generations.”

Red for socialism, though we support private self employment. “The role of government is to assure a materially secure life, including socialized medicine, for all the earth’s people.

Capitalism cannot survive without war and violence. Capitalism cannot survive without exploitation and degradation of the environment. Capitalism cannot survive without secret government, suppression of individual freedoms, and exploitation of ordinary people.

If we are to have peace, environmental preservation, freedom from oppression, and liberty with security, socialism is imperative, not optional. That is why there is a Liberty Union Party.

Doris Lake

Doris Lake

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