Peter Diamondstone: Candidacy Positions


PO Box 2155,

Brattleboro, VT 05303

August 22, 2008

My candidacy urges structurally revamping Vermont through socialism and prevention of trauma and disease. These changes in Vermont may REQUIRE SECESSION.

1. All providers of treatments and cures shall be on community payrolls with community owned and openly operated hospitals, both paid for only by taxes, eliminating fees for medications and services, deductibles, and co pays.

2. All Vermont workers need one hour of paid leave for every twelve worked, or the equivalent of four weeks annually, and 10 paid holidays for stress relief, mental health, and social group reinforcement, e.g., family.

3. Disband The Vermont National Guard, ending “shanghaiing” of Vermonters for cannon fodder in U.S. imperial wars. Vermonters will have taxpayer-supported and regulated civilian militia, consistent with the 2nd Amendment. No Vermonter under 26 years of age shall serve in any military, paramilitary, or police organization.

4. Vermont’s new Food and Drug Agency will protect against “Big Pharma” shams, e.g., Merk’s “Gardasil” (8,500 reported adverse reactions, half requiring hospital attention, and 18 deaths tied to “Gardasil,” vaccine effective against only 3 percent of HPV) and restrict harmful procedures, e.g., annual mammograms, with radiation and misogynistic trauma causing breast cancer, replace using them without radiation or trauma with routine imaging or thermography (20 percent more effective.)

Vermont’s FDA would bar schools from providing damaging foods, e.g., dairy from BGH-treated cows or “food” containing sugar substitutes. Food stores labeling would be required, e.g., “This product contains ASPERTAME – 10 percent wood alcohol that is metabolized into formaldehyde and can be deadly,” or “This product contains soy and should not be given to children under 16 years of age.”

Vermont’s FDA would bar: using land and water raising GMO’s; fluoride poisoning public water supplies; and using mercury amalgam fillings, while covering their proper removal by socialized medical care.

5. No license extension for VT Yankee. Truly pierce the “corporate veil” by holding all corporate officers, stockholders, and bondholders and their heirs personally responsible for any shortfall in funds for decommissioning, security and maintenance thereafter, and workers’ pensions. Ultimately, Vermonters take community ownership of all major means of production and distribution.

6. Make May 1, International Labor Day, a Vermont holiday.

Peter Diamondstone

Peter Diamondstone