Liberty Union Party Resolutions June 13, 2021

1. The Liberty Union Party condemns the actions of the Israeli government and right wing mobs in Jerusalem, Haifa, Lod and other areas, and condemns the genocidal bombing of Gaza. This is linked to the actions of other colonial powers like the US attacks on indigenous peoples and black people.

See —Recent statement on Palestine/Gaza from Dr. Angela Davis

2.  We condemn the Jan 6th Insurrection and ongoing attempts to overthrow the remaining democracy in the USA. Particularly concerning is Michael Flynn’s “Memorial Day” Call for a Myanmar-style military coup in the US. We see the Vote Suppression legislation as part and parcel of this effort to dis-enfranchise populations unlikely to support far right candidates. We oppose the many efforts to remove rights from women, LGBT people and indigenous people as transparent attempts to subvert the will of the people. This includes the Anti-abortion legislation, anti-trans bathroom bills, and limits on healthcare to LBGT youth. The widespread Anti-dissent legislation passed in several states is a classic fascist strategy that must be seen for what it is.

3. We stand in solidarity with the Kanehsatake Community of the Mohawk Nation in resistance to “development” (destruction) of “The Pines” in Oka, Quebec. This decades long attack on established treaty rights of Kanehsatake must stop immediately.



4. We join the call to oppose American Renaissance –  the convention of white supremacists planned for November 2021.

We encourage Vermont residents to contact Congressman Welsh, and Senators Leahy and Sanders to urge denying visa to Edward Dutton, the keynote speaker, from UK. We should also note that another speaker, Vincent James, was present at the Jan 6  Capitol riot. People not in VT should contact their local representatives.

5. Statement in support of the teaching and dissemination of Critical Race Theory. Liberty Union supports the 1st amendment rights of educators to speak about racial issues and other controversial issues. We believe that Critical Race Theory has much to teach about the intersection of race and the law and is an important lens with which to view US and other history. 

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