Covid Response – LUP Supports Masks and Science

Covid Response – LUP Supports Masks and Science (issued 11/8/20)

We in the Liberty Union Party unequivocally condemn the promotion of anti-mask and Covid-denial conspiracy theories. We support scientific, evidence-based decision-making and condemn the politicization of health and environmental matters. The dangers of Covid denialism are clear in the recent record breaking surge of new Covid infections, statewide and nationally. We lay the blame for this health emergency at the feet of all those promoting anti-mask and anti-vaccination conspiracy theories.

The Liberty Union Party advocates the use of face masks and all Personal Protective Equipment, social distancing, frequent cleansing, and all scientifically based Covid protection protocols to curtail the spread of disease. We support Universal Income for all Americans in addition to immediate Covid Relief to every resident of Vermont, including Rent and Eviction Moratoriums for the foreseeable future, funded by the reallocation of the necessary monies from the bloated military and law enforcement budgets. There is no greater threat to public security and wellbeing than the debilitation of health and loss of human life due to preventable, treatable disease.

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