Dave Van Duesen Picks Up Progressive & Liberty Union Endorsement

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Dave Van Deusen For Moretown Select Board

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Dave Van Duesen Picks Up Progressive & Liberty Union Endorsement

In Run For Moretown Select Board/

Pledges Relief Checks To Working Families


Moretown, VT, February 4th, 2009- Dave Van Deusen, a candidate for the Moretown Select Board, can count on two more major endorsements; the Washington County Progressive Party and the Vermont Liberty Union Party. Last week Van Deusen also gained the backing of the Washington County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, as well as recent populist gubernatorial candidate and farm organizer Anthony Pollina.


“Given the times, David would make a major contribution to the efforts of Moretown as a select board member,” said Washington County Progressive Party Chairman John Bloch.


Van Deusen stated, I am proud to accept the nomination of both the Progressive Party and the Liberty Union. Both these Parties stand firmly with the interests of working Vermonters, and it is the working families of Moretown who I intend to represent. However, the Select Board race is not a Party affair, nor should it be. On Town Meeting Day the only endorsement that matters is that of the People of Moretown, and it is their support & trust that I will seek to earn.”


Van Deusen, a long time Vermont labor union leader, says that he has been talking with a lot of people in Moretown and that he hopes to build a working coalition towards positive change and democratic participation in town government.


“The fact is we are on the precipice of an economic depression and this is no time for business as usual. If we are to deal with this crisis, if we are to head off foreclosures, farm closings, and other hardships, we need to be looking to support our local working people and family farms. As a member of the Select Board I will seek to support area farmers, establish a livable wage policy, and provide Moretown families that make under $100,000 tax relief or a renter rebate. I will do this by tapping into one quarter of our annual landfill revenues, and I will do this without cutting current town services.”


Van Deusen contends that the current proposal to use $100,000 of the town’s landfill money to create across the board property tax relief is well intended but misguided.


“An across the board property tax cut does nothing for the many Moretown folks who rent their homes, and by including the wealthy, the landlords, the second home owners, and better off as beneficiaries it waters down the benefit for those who could really use it. So instead I propose making the wealthy pay their full share, while giving working people a larger, more meaningful break. The bottom line is working people deserve a new deal,” said Van Deusen.


Van Deusen envisions such relief coming from the town in the form of an annual check for $100-$200 annually to every family making under $100,000 a year. The first checks would be issued, upon voter approval, in 2010, and would last at least as long as the economic crisis.


Van Deusen says that he would use the remaining annual landfill revenue to build a robust Capital Reserve Fund, as well as on improvements to the town’s infrastructure.


“We earn $400,000 a year from the landfill, but it will not be around forever. I would seek to put $200,000, every year, into a Capital Reserve Fund with an eye towards the future. I would put the remaining $100,000 towards infrastructure improvements, making a serious effort to hire local folks first, and making sure they are paid a livable wage,” said Van Deusen.


Concerning development, Dave has previously stated that he will continue to uphold the town’s policy to oppose the quarry on 100B, but will look to encourage responsible development that seeks to provide workers with good pay and benefits.


Dave Van Deusen will face two challengers in the race.

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