A Candidate With a Conscience

A Candidate With a Conscience

Article 4 of the Vermont State Constitution

“Every person within this state ought to find a certain remedy, by having recourse to the laws, for all injuries or wrongs which one may receive in person, property or character; every person ought to obtain right and justice, freely, and without being obliged to purchase it; completely and without any denial; promptly and without delay; conformability to the laws.”

My name will appear on the November ballot as a candidate for State Attorney General.  There are many problems that exist in the Office of Vermont Attorney General.  Below is a partial list.

Problem – the influence of money in the court system. Buying testimony is a common courtroom tactic.   Solution – Jurors should always be told when testimony is paid for.  Expert Witnesses are often referred to as ‘Liars for Hire’.

Problem – Lack of respect for truth and justice.  Solution – AG staff, and other officers of the court, should not game the system. Sometimes winning is not everything. Truth and justice should have a place in the Court system – even an adversarial court system.

Problem – Lack of respect for citizens, young and old, rich and poor.  An elderly Manchester couple is quoted as saying that they were appalled at the way that the State treated them and that no citizen should ever have to go through what they did. The Manchester couple had been “almost killed”  by a State truck. (See Tateosian v Vermont)   Many citizens have had similar experiences.    Solution –  Inform AG staff that all citizens are to be treated with respect. Any staff not sharing that view should seek a career change.

Problem – Cronyism   Vermont has a very influential ‘ol’ boys network’.   Solution –  Voters should understand the undo influence of the Party system and never vote for an Incumbent.  That will have the added benefit of instant term limits.

Where there is no justice, nothing else matters.

Rosemarie Jackowski, Liberty Union Candidate for Vermont Attorney General

Bennington, Vermont                   E-mail   dissent@sover.net

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