Climate March Press Release – April 17 Brattleboro

On Saturday, April 17 in Brattleboro there will be a march calling on local, state, and federal politicians to do more to address climate change. “As a farmer, I can see how vulnerable we all are to the climate crisis disrupting our food supply,” said Elizabeth Wood of the New Leaf CSA in Dummerston. “If we want to continue to have a planet that can comfortably support human life we need to act now.” Wood said she will be at the march.

Jess Diamondstone lives in Dummerston and is one of the march organizers. “Networking among organizational and individual initiatives together creates a strong movement. We plan to dedicate some time when we arrive at our destination to hearing from representatives from various community organizations, and from individuals. They will speak about what is planned in the coming months, or what people are doing right now, and what strides have been made to address climate change. Small and large efforts are important to share.”

She continued, “We’ll be carrying multiple color ribbons to remind us that we speak for all forms of life from mycelium and fish to ash trees, red newts, moose, and humans.”

Ellen Schwartz lives in Brattleboro, is a retired teacher, and the former board chair at the Vermont Workers’ Center. She is still active with that group. “As an older person, I want the coming generations to live in a world that is habitable for humans and other species—a world with clean air, earth, and water, one that is not beset with wildfires, floods, and pollution. Our planet belongs to all of us, and should not be a source of profit for the ruling class.” Schwartz said she will be at the march.

The web site of the Center for Biological Diversity is an excellent source of information about the causes of, and solutions to, climate change. The Brattleboro march will start at 1 p.m. at Living Memorial Park and go down Western Avenue to Pliny Park, then slowly along Main Street to the co-op. People who are unable to walk a mile in 15 minutes should join the march at Pliny Park. In case of heavy rain the march will be postponed. If in doubt about the weather check after 9 a.m. on April 17. For more information about the event email Eesha Williams at or call his landline at (802) 254-2531

or email Jess Diamondstone at or call her landline at (802) 254-9403.

This is a Covid safe, masked, physically distanced event. Bring water, masks, and signs. Climate change is a crisis and we must reverse global warming now.

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