noxious ideologies

The Liberty Union Party unconditionally opposes the following ideologies and movements and  recognizes that the goals of these groups are regressive in the extreme and constitute a threat to public safety and public good.

White Supremacy
Anti-vax Movement
Intellectual Dark Web
Mens Rights Movement
Gender Critical Movement
Q-anon and related conspiracy movements
Neo-Nazi groups
Right-Wing Militia Movements
Proud Boys, Patriot Front, the KKK

These groups and movements, convened to champion predatory capitalism, militarism and racist privilege, engage in demonizing and attacking egalitarian social, economic or political practice and policy. Their goals include abrogation of civil rights of all people they identify for marginalization, the enforcement of fealty to their authoritarian leadership and rigid adherence to traditional (majority) gender and sexual roles within a nationalist framework. These groups work to instill fear–xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia–among the majority population whose hegemony is perceived to be threatened by the mere existence of growing minority populations and immigrants. Their distortion and exploitation of the 1st and 2nd Amendments to promote hate speech and justify armed terrorist attacks on the domestic population undermines the the Constitution.

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